How Many Years Does AGM Start-Stop Battery Last?

The Spaceflight AGM battery uses pure lead in its structure. Compared to the recycled lead used in many batteries today, whether submersible or AGM, it has better performance and longer life. Compared to the weaker battery welding on many car batteries, the cast lead tape connecting spaceflight batteries also performs better and lasts longer.

In addition to the quality of the materials used to make an AGM battery, the climate in which any AGM battery is used also has a significant impact on battery life. Extreme temperatures in AGM car batteries, whether hot or cold, are often more challenging than moderate temperatures. This means battery life in Alaska or Alabama may be shorter than in San Diego.

Applications that use AGM batteries will also affect the life of AGM batteries. Many newer vehicles use start stop battery technology that works like an air-operated golf cart. At a full stop, the engine turns off. Pressing the accelerator pedal restarts the engine. This means that the batteries used in these start/stop vehicles can typically start the engine thousands of times over the life of the battery, rather than a vehicle that keeps the engine running for the duration of the vehicle’s use. Manufacturers know that these start/stop cars are much more difficult to use batteries, so many now choose to fit their cars with factory-made AGM batteries that can handle them better than water-filled batteries.

A 20-mile vehicle that travels at 45 mph a day for a year won’t consume battery power like a vehicle that is only used occasionally most of the year. If the battery voltage is maintained properly, the battery life is extended. When the battery is in a partially discharged state for a long time, the battery life is often not so great. This is true for flooded and AGM batteries.

With these factors in mind, we usually cannot give a specific number of years to answer the question of how long an AGM battery can last because every application is different. It can generally be said that AGM batteries last two to three times longer than flooded batteries. In the commuter car example, we have shown that while a water-filled battery can last three to five years, an AGM battery can last six to ten years or more. In high vibration commercial applications, typical flooded batteries can only last a few weeks, while spaceflight AGM batteries can last several months.

The key to maximizing the performance and life of your batteries is to use high quality battery maintenance equipment that maintains the battery voltage properly. If you need help searching the right AGM battery for your vehicle than contact goes our website space flight power.

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When consumers buy batteries, in addition to the type, features and functions, they also check the technical specifications, especially the battery life. Many think about this before buying. This is one of the indicators by which one can judge how long the battery can be used and useful for them. In addition, by checking this, consumers can provide maintenance (if necessary) to further extend their service life.


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