How to Organise Your Garage Properly

Often garages tend to get rather messy and cluttered no matter how hard you try to keep them organised. They are used to store, well everything! Households would normally dump everything they cannot find a proper place for in the house in the garage instead. That is why in no time the place where your car should be tended to be packed with all sorts of items ranging from tools, sports equipment and car parts to beach chairs, toys and all kinds of junk. Due to the amount of clutter in people’s garages, they are often not even used for their original purpose that is storing cars in a safe place.

You may never organize and keep your garage in that way for longer but implementing some organizational hacks and ideas for better decluttering is essential in order to finally start using that space for shielding your car from any damage outside. Here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered some of the most useful tips on how to organise your garage space properly and make use of it all.

1. Clear All The Junk

First things first, you must begin by getting rid of any unnecessary items in your garage and there will be loads of them for sure. That is always the first step of decluttering any space and it’s essential to detach yourself from sentiment and only keep the things you truly need. Get a bin bag and start filling it remorselessly with all the junk you find in the garage, leaving it emptier, refreshed and with more room for organising your important items later.

2. Categories The Items

As already mentioned, garages tend to hold all sorts of items inside since they pretty much become a domestic dump for households. That is why it is so vital for you to sort out the items and create categories. Keeping them separately is of great importance and will make it much easier for you to locate whatever you need faster. Getting organisational and storage boxes or compartments is also a smart idea which will keep everything sorted and in its place.

3. Utilise Wall Space

A lot of the time people do not make the most of their available space and every time they only look at the one on the floor. However, there is much more to be explored vertically. Utilising your wall space efficiently will make all the difference to your garage. Begin by hanging some of your tools on hooks, placing floating shelves and hangers for bigger items. It will free up a lot of your ground space which can then be used more appropriately. What’s more, you could hang a magnetic wall where some of your lighter and more used metal tools could be stored.

4. Avoid Closed Cabinets

No matter the size of the garage, efficiently utilising space is always at the center of great organisation plans. Buying closed cabinets for your garage will ultimately make you maintain a bigger mess. The reason for that is because normally when things are behind closed doors, people tend to leave a bigger mess. Chugging items inside them can be super easy and once it is away from the eyes, it may appear as if nothing is wrong. When in reality, there is no organisation behind that cabinet door. That is why it might be worth considering more open shelving around your garage. Not only is it cheaper and easier to install but it is also more convenient. The easy access and the ability to find whatever you need faster is key in garages as most of the time people are there, they are normally working on something.

5. Maintain Organisation and Cleanliness

Surely you can clean and organise your garage perfectly but then if you are messy during your next project in there, all the hard work could go to waste. It is important to be consistent and maintain a good organisation after every time you use it. The garage is normally a place which can easily get cluttered so even though these tips can help you in making it more efficient, it can only stay like that if you try to keep it that way.

Garages do not necessarily have to be those messy and cluttered places in your house where you dump anything you classify as not good enough for inside your home. They can prove to be a great place for working on projects and storing all the essential things you will need either for your car or house. Maintenance of the garage is therefore of great importance and you could make yours amazingly organised now.

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