AGM Battery System

AGM Batteries Are Not Gelled Batteries:

Concorde AGM batteries are NOT a crystalized electrolyte. It is considered a “Recombinant Gas Absorbed Electrolyte” battery. This cuts water damage by up to 98%. Loss of care due to self-discharge is 3 to 10 times healthier than with conservative gelled, and 5 to 50 eras less than traditional underwater batteries. The gasses recombine nearly 100% within the battery, plummeting Hydrogen releases to a level far below most battery kinds, and less than half of the subordinate short-tempered limit for Hydrogen. In adding, they do not have the charge and discharge up-to-date limitations that most gelled batteries have.

AGM Battery transportation characteristic’s:

Concorde AGM battery technology has continual to develop and offer developments over other sealed battery technologies. AGM technology has developed the next step in the development of both starting and deep cycle closed batteries for marine, RV, and aeronautics applications. These are the same batteries that the US Armed uses in many of it’s armoured and normal vehicles. This “next generation” technology distributes augmented care, presentation, and facility life over all other current sealed battery types, counting gel technology. All Concorde AGM batteries transport a one-year full guarantee – most gelled cells carry only a 90-day guarantee.

AGM Battery System:

More than 95 out of a hundred of all new-fangled cars are invigorated with a AGM Battery system. The AGM Battery technology defends fuel at every red traffic light, is tranquil on the wallet and is good for the setting. We elucidate how it works and why it is so important that you select the right battery for this. Because presently, every third car carried to an authorised motor vehicle workshop is already fortified with a AGM Battery system. According to our study, about every fifth to sixth car at self-governing garages has one.

This battery needs a dissimilar charging algorithm than a usual flooded battery. With out-of-date battery chargers, as the battery becomes extra charged the battery power upsurges as that voltage increases the amperage going into the battery-operated will diminution. With the introduction of AGM Battery, the demand of the old conventional batteries in the market has reduced to zero and now every developed country is using this latest technology.

Features of the AGM Battery system:

Some features of AGM Battery which make it unique in comparison to other batteries.

  • AGM supplementary battery.
  • Improved cycle life.
  • Greater for low state of charge processes.
  • Spill resistant project.
  • 100% conservation free.
  • Highly tremor and influence resilient.
  • Long ledge life with low character discharge.
  • Start-stop system to save the environment.

These features make this battery very striking for its customers universal because these features do not exist in the old and outmoded batteries. These features are the newest and improved type. The feature which make it very unique is its highly tremor and influence resistant and it has a very long ledge life with the low charging and discharging capacity. The lifecycle of AGM Battery is improved and well created and it has spills resistant characteristics.


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